Abba – (English Version)

If Jesus had only pronounced these two syllables, it would not have changed a thing.
Maybe it is everything he ever said, ‘abba’, for in these two sounds, everything is said.

Love, trust, letting go are not to be thought.
They are no place for intellectuals, confronted to choices and  whose function is to pick the most reasonable…

Love…is a place for a child who does the only thing he knows, the only thing he can do.
A place for grown-ups too,  doing the only thing left to do…calling your intimate father.

Abba is the original posture…from which everything unfurls.
All the words that are not born in abba are useless, stale, picked up.
A relation to spiritualitiy not coming from abba is useless, stale, picked up.

Jesus gives the color to praying. He colors all prayers and defines spirituality.

Two syllables mirorring each other
Like two hands joining at the heart.
Coming, going, ‘’
Then, silence.
Last word utterd
Bbefore the boundless field of experience.

The whole universe shrinks to be held within our hands, and dissolves through our souls becoming the deeper self.

Abba, instinctive beginning, universal sound,
articulated from within, creates the worlds.

All powerful, merciful, infinitely wise, yes.

But, before all,
Spirit, God, Father,

Franck Joseph

©FJ sept 2018
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