The Blessing Of Knowing

Knowledge is never binary. There’s a whole range of potential positions from ‘I know’ to ‘I don’t know’.
Those coordinates along these axes are not compartmentalized.
The object of knowledge is alive and moves along those axes and positions.

What I think I know I often don’t : It keeps slipping from my grasp.
What I believe is beyond reach is actually already located somewhere close at hand.

As important as the status of those object of knowledge is the capacity to assess this status.
Knowing that I don’t know, knowing that I know, is as important as knowing the thing I think I know.

This awareness of knowing allows to request the activation of this ongoing process.
I can ask for knowledge about…

As long as I remain unaware of this process, I am dependent on an exogenous activation, i.e., a favorable context.

This is very beautiful : realizing that we already know…
The knowledge of the various sedimentation stages and the degree of cohesion, the articulation between what I know and what I don’t appear all the more clearly when our consciousness is free from turmoil.

Accessing ‘knowing that you don’t know’ is already great knowledge.
This wisdom from the depth feeds our relation to silence.

Knowing that I know, knowing that I don’t know, digs the silence hole deeper.
A detour by our language reflex so as to confirm or contradict the reality of this knowledge, is ever less necessary.

This has to do with how familiar we have become with our profound mechanisms, and corresponds to the disappearing of ornamental social interactions (gossiping and sarcastic cues…) to favor knowledge sharing and the purity of our relation to others.

Franck Joseph
©FJ June 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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    1. Thanks Amber,
      I was in a riah as I translated and edited this text and wasn’t sure it actually meant anything… Thanks for ‘reading’ sense out of it.
      Have a very nice day!

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