Practice over the years

This is a re-arrangement of an answer to a comment about the content of this blog.

(Thanks to Donny, for initiating this)

I see it as a free expression of what I ‘found/am in the process of finding’
All this asks to get out, get on notepads.
Initially, this blog was a mere way of organizing messy and unsorted paper drafts.

As things unfurled, it accompanied, initiated and echoed my practice of Zazen.
This latter is, as you’ve certainly got it if you read through these pages, the core of it all.

As to the ‘there to get to’ :
I try to walk the thin line between following the inner call to ‘get there’ (bodhicitta, spirit of awakening)
and the pitfalls of attachment to a certain destination.

There is not a there and not a then.
Still there is a there.

Words spring from, resonate, and vanish in the space offered by the practice of silent sitting.
I’m not into ‘telling the public’ about it.

I’m into sharing things, bits of things, which might help spread the scents of freedom I’d have liked to breathe in earlier on the Way.

As I said, I spread (spill ?) them for myself : painting memories of space and liberty I’ve crossed for times when I may need them most.

I’ve long struggled with the question of what people may say, think, about it all.
But this, to my surprise, really, has emerged as being part of my personal sadhana, as you name it.

This corpus of text and other content speaks to people who are kind enough to join me in the practice of Zazen.

They reveal the spirit of my practice along the years, its evolution, queries, searches, dead-ends, breakthroughs.
Evolution over the years.

I totally subscribe to your conclusion. It really encapsulates how I feel about all this.

I repeat along those pages things that have unveiled through practice or grace… as I’ve been faced with life material.

In other words, I « teach what I need to learn. »/
what I might one day need to re-learn / What others may find liberating to hear as well.

Nothing more,
nothing less…

Thanks for offering me the opportunity to talk about all this.
It has become so intertwined in the process that I hardly ever have an opportunity to consider it.

I perfectly know there is another dimension to the issue you are hinting at.
Words can only fail to solve it.
This issue resolves itself beyond these pages, beyond the framework of this discussion.

Somewhere in silence space
Somewhere on a cushion.

©FJ Feb 2023
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