I am an author, teacher and musician.
I create content and organize activities related to the Practice of Silent Sitting.

I have been practicing both formally and informally for many years, from French Dojos to Temples in Kyoto, Japan;
From solitary retreats, to early morning sitting sessions in the daily life of a father-of-3….

Several books are available online, both Paperbacks and E-Books (Novels, Poem, Article Collections).
You may discover more about all this on Notes And Silence/Books

I wish to give people around me and elsewhere the opportunity to encounter and deepen the practice of sitting meditation and enjoy the many changes it makes way for in their lives.

I manage the Blog Notes & Silence (www.notessandsilence.com) where I share experiences, talks and poetry related to the joys and challenges of spiritual practice on a daily basis. 

Posts are available in French and English, and an English adaptation to the Collections is soon to be published.

My writing activity takes meaning and life through the following activities (and vice versa) :

  • Introductory workshops to Zen meditation
  • Collective Meditation Practice Sessions
  • Talks on some of the related topics.

These talks and workshops can take place in France and abroad, in French or in English.

Contact: ndraw@protonmail.com

English Versions of the articles can be found here.

The articles of this blog are also available as paperback books or .pdf files.

Through your Participation and you’re allowing me to dedicate more time to creating content on Meditation and Spirituality (Books, Articles, Poems)  and organizing practice sessions as well as talks and other activities (hiking, camping, retreats).

I’m truly thankful to each person contributing to this development.