Finding our Calm…Again

« Getting calm » has no real meaning, because this request seems to imply there is some mechanical process that needs activating– press this button and you’ll be calm–and that we are actually changing our state of mind– from a calm-less state to a calm-ful one.

There is no such thing as a simple switch enabling us to « get » calm… It’s our mindfulness that will allow us to bring calm up, once we inject it — without appreciation–in the moment. Then, as a side effect, it will contribute to calming us down.

The idea, according to which, it would be possible to have this anxious restlessness disappear, is highly absurd. You do not become calm in the same way you would leave the kitchen to enter the living room.

« Finding our calm-again » is much more appropriate when it comes to depicting the relaxation process. The reality is our calm-ness has never disappeared. From the bottom of our being it has been broadcasting is ever-appeasing and subtle frequency. However, this latter has been jammed by a myriad interference and static playing in the foreground.

We have chosen, more or less consciously, to surf along these frantic and polluted interferences. Led by our ignorance, we have certainly been serving a delusional, short-term strategy: Filling our void? Feeling alive? Veiling our anxious depths?

It is our Mindfulness who is in charge of the radio tuner…but it is only once it has brought us to experience the vibration of this profound frequency that we grow aware of the tremendous fatigue caused by the constant backwash, the perpetuel stir on the surface.


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