Note on a Night Practice

As he was practising,
lying between two sleeping phases,

from the middle of the inner quest toward the Self,
he realised there was really nothing travelling the globe,

no change of nature between here and there
no special encounter to be made
with a rogue monk coming out of a cave,

no exotic community to join…

The only magical advice these detours could really point to was not different from this : The clear, absolute necessity we have, when we set out on the path, to potentially, sincerely watch our deep processes of identification to the psychic activity.
The outer projections of a path may actually act as hindrances towards the inner path.

Vichara – Who Am I : The key recommendation from Ramana Maharshi.

Genuinely observe and slide to deeper levels of existence. Never discard any part of your observation as superficial or unnecesssary, for each of them has to be integrated eventually.

Franck joseph

©F.J Jan 2019

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