Resurrection : A Perspective

Christ’s Resurrection is an inner phenomenon.
It is the required broadening of the Heart to let compassion for the world arise.

The traditional representation of this event, its usual storytelling conceptualization appears to me as leading to a reduction of its spiritual significance.
My point is not to discuss its historical truth, but to hint at the importance of the aspect on which we place a decisive focus.

Thomas Merton talked about the ‘New Man’
I’m not trying to twist the tags and thoughts from this Trappist monk. I would cruelly lack mastery in his works to do so.
I’m just sharing the impression these terms magnificently fit this intuition :
Christ’s resurrection happens within us.

Before being Christ, Jesus was Christ.
We all are Christs-to-be.
We are all to be Christs.

Certainly I must confess that a detour through Mahayana Buddhism and its teachings on Tathagataghargha (Buddha Nature), existing as real and perfect within each of us and awaiting to be unveiled, awakened, has been decisive in shedding a new light on this tradition (both cultural and personal)

I now have a strong reluctance not to believe so.
I now have a strong reluctance not to believe.
Tremendous efforts in sticking to dark parochialistic reflexes are now necessary to make a difference between the catholic recommendation inviting to see Jesus’ face in every soul et the Buddhist assertion that each being has (is) Buddha Nature.

When man becomes new, he lets himself give birth to Christ.

I’m sharing here with you what causes a certain discomfort in me at this date :
The necessity some Christians have to walk through a material representation of death (physical death) in order to live this process or re-birth (« born again »)..
this doesn’t come as a judgement, of course but as a deficit of understanding, on my end, I assume.

Most Christians apprehend death and resurrection as a locked body of beliefs, understood as a requisite set to whomever wishes to join the community.

This materialization, as transmitted by churches, conveys the idea of Jesus as the only true experiencer of this life-to-death-to-life phenomenon. It bears the seeds of heretic and counter heretic dynamics which have violently agitated religious history.
It favors the erection of pyramidal structures, whose magnetic summit attracts self proclaimed owners of authenticity flags.

Franck Joseph

©FJ June 2019
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