A Life-Long Game of Cards

There’s got to be a part of our being having desired to manifest in this world of endless erosion.

This life is an ever skinless experience.

Still, it is intriguing to note this mass of expercience we have ‘chosen’, even though we might not be aware of it, while being so dense, so urgent can at the same time be lived under anesthetitic.
And therefore be the most perfect of illusions.

Like an injured person rushing in despair to the hospital, with only a few hours left to live, would find poker partners in E.R. and join a game which has been self-perpetuating for ages among wounded people.

When the doctor comes in to treat him, he is so absorbed in his game that he firmly refuses examination.

It is dismaying these conditions of existence are not immersed in mindfulness.
Everything in this realm is howling at practice.

Injured bodies are everywhere, bleeding to death, and trying to finish their conversations.

About the latest TV show
About the people in power
So much time wasted
Launch window closing.

You came here to practice consciousness
Found you listening to blinders merchants
What are you doing strolling through candy stands ?
How can you still listen to philters charlatans ?

When will you stop believing acid plasters can cure your shredded skin ?

Franck Joseph

©FJ Nov 2019 
All rights reserved.

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