So you want to live your life … ?

You say : ‘They prevent me from living my life.’
– How could they prevent you from living your life when they are the very sustance of this life ?

While you’re playing shops,
While you’re dressing up as an explorer,
Daydreaming about the rims of the moons…

As you’re climbing up and down the dunes
Lending an ear to cheaters’ advice
When you’re entangled in seduction and vice
Living what you call ‘your life, at last’

While you’re playing board games,blowing on dice,

Drinking potions, casting spells on players

Your daughter’s awaiting her dad
Your girl’s wishing for a mother.

Tell me, what else could they do ?

Franck Joseph

©FJ May 2020 – All rights reserved.

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Thanks to all for making this content possible through your participations

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