What Makes me Feel like Crying (1/2)

The illusion of present lives : the succession of thousands of hours, spent pretending we actually exist.

The illusion of past lives : stories, all torned, patched and torn again, through retracing of the threads, trying to convince ourselves we actually existed.

The illusion of future lives : Thousands of hours spent  building compensatory stories to rehabilitate, offset, reduce the burden of the present suffering in our imaginary future existences…

-The ignorance of those 3 illusions.

I am,
I was,
I will be this person,
I have no idea I’ve never actually been
Any of them.

A real existence consists in knowing there has never been any.
Such an existence opens onto an intimate and most silent wisdom :

Who is the one who knows he’s never been ?
Does this person have a past ? A present ? A future ?

Part 2 : What Makes me Feel like Crying (2/2)

Franck Joseph –
©FJ Oct 2020 – All rights reserved.
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