Pilgrims In Spiritual Lands

I’m reading the worlds’ architecture as revealed by the Kabbalah, and I see the reflections of Buddhist Pure Earth(s),
In the explanations of the various forms of the Jewish prayer, I find the glitters of a water collected in the depths of Orthodox Christianity,
Behind the tales from the Desert Fathers, resonate the words pronounced by the Buddha.
Shakyamuni’s teachings lift the veil on the endless roots of Jesus’ wisdom.

Inter Faith fluidity is proof of a non stagnating practice.
As soon as this process seizes up and territorial claims start appearing, this reveals we have moved too far away from the beating heart of spirituality.
We have lost the Spirit, the Breath, the Father,
We have withdrawn deeper inland,
It has become less likely that sea winds come stroke our face behind our solidified shelter

Franck Joseph
©FJ Dec. 2020 – All rights reserved.
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