Travels in Guilt

Guilt can sometimes be a strategy to divert ourselves from mindfulness practices.
It therefore becomes the support for yet another wild journey of inner sensations.

Guilt is a free ride on the large roundabout of illusions, which refuses to recognize itself as such.

By blaming the journey, guilt creates an opportunity to jump off the initial train of phenomena and take a parallel ride by landing on the circular roller-coaster rails of guilt:
‘What have I done ? If only I hadn’t …? And now, what does this make me ? But, oh, why did I …. ?

It is a process similar to insulting someone for having been insulting towards others.

Grabbing the opportunity to…
While pretending not to…

This is a lack of integrity in the middle of the claim for integrity.
Like a young woman pretending she hates night clubs’ music and the kind of people we meet there, and uses the occasion of accompanying one of her friends in a dance club, wishing to help her avoid meeting harmful people.

Guilt can also be the tool for the unskilled disciples on the cushion,
Wearing a fabric of virtue to better retain their vices.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Jan 2021- All rights reserved.
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