Cultural Appeal

The intellectual appeal for a country, a civilization, is actually the result of an emotion raised by an esthetics peculiar to a mental environment.
The cultural approach is necessarily an activity of the mind.

Obviously, this is not a admissible reason to push such an interest and the satisfaction it brings to the background. Yet, it is paramount to remember that this cultural object is nothing more than a playground for the mind. This latter delightfully walks along the cultural lanes.

Once this has been stated, there is no problem at all : as long as the cultural coloring does not try to pass off as spiritual tone. Should it ever happened, it would be doomed to be exposed as an artificial fraud, sooner or later.
In the Realms of Being, the cultural matter has no citizenship.

That being said, the claim from the cultural object to reveal spiritual realities should be considered with the highest dubiety, the same way we would raise an eyebrow at the next big fat political attempt from a public figure at twisting a genuine social phenomenon to their own advantage.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Jan 2021- All rights reserved.
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