The Path Is Clear

A French version is available here : La Voie Est Libre !

I feel sorry
For people who love to stuff their minds
with new age sauce or mashed sakura,

People who coat their mental food
With the magical rolling pin of sanskrit,
Who delight in the cryptic Hebrew crust.

The Path is Clear,
It goes infinitely over the edges
Of cultural frameworks
And overflows the test tubes
Of fantasies and projections.

In the room, there is a library,
Books, customs, recipes,
Smokes, alcohol, and conversations,

And you, who are listening
Or you, being listened to,
Trapped, in any case.

The Path is clear,
You can go now,
Why should you waste
Another lifetime preparing ?

The window of the moment
Has always remained open,

And if, aligned, you start staring,
You’ll see : the Path is clear
And no one’s watching.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Feb 2021- All rights reserved.
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