Practice Beyond Combat

Practicing Zazen, just sitting,
Is answering ‘mu’ to all questionings
Subtle and non-subtle ones
That are stirring up our minds.

By sitting Zazen, we practice ‘not entering’.
Sitting on the Way is disarming, uncocking
Others, the world, ourselves.

Like Shakyamuni – or Francis of Assisi –
Exposed, stripped-down, dis-mantled,
Lay down all son or prince-related mind-terial.

Whether we like it or not,
Whether we know it or not,
Sitting is dismantling.

Zazen is much wilder than combat.
Zazen is the beyond-combat practice.
With no weapon, no enemy, no armor, no ally, no country
No country, what could really happen ?

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2021- All rights reserved. (Text and Photo)
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