Ceremonial Wisdom

What do I care to ‘look wise’ ?
Why would I want to dress with the attire of wisdom ?
This sounds like an absurd objective to me.

Yet, I know it, there’s nothing simpler than that :
It only takes a few nods to the speeches of those that years or deference have surrounded with nodding disciples.

Tick here, tock there,
People happy everywhere

A well-timed frown,
A certain sense of situations
That’s all there is to it.

But wisdom can never be an objective, haven’t you heard ?
It is the ultimate and ever-vanishing gift,
Wisdom perfects the quest for the one who has stopped expecting any perfection in the quest.

Freedom and truth : This is what guides me and keeps me in lands of solitude.
Without the first, the second can never emerge.

I understand I certainly need to apologize
for pushing and shaking up convictions and identification supports,
for knocking over dolls and trinkets,
for tearing apart tablecloths and blankets.

But If I didn’t do so, I’d betray the truth.
This is the reason why I leave to ceremonial wisdom and peer-reviewed speeches.

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2021- All rights reserved. (Text and Photo)
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