Poetic Slope

The poetic mind,
Can also be a sensibility which ends up penning the poet in spiritual drowsiness.

From that point, the poetically inclined mind will dig to itself an experience of hallucinations, injected with acute visions of loneliness.

From darkness to faith, may this mind uproot and dwell again.

On that poetic slope, the sensitive pilgrim has to watch his steps not to tumble down
It first appeared to him as a remedy, a path-escape to loneliness.

He’s now moving deeper in the forests of inner seclusion.
He’s too far to be fed by the pipes of belief.

He has forever abandoned mingling with
The limited lot,

And now walks in circles
Along a land of a thousand sullen colors

Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ April 2021
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