The Illu-Zone (2/2)

Authority is connected with abuse. It is the realm of illusions.
If you are one of the believers in a natural organization of subtle souls — the silent anarchy, you’ll see this.

The abused, the illusioned, lapses into managerial spheres.
Whichever side of the order does not make any difference.
They are just playing the game where one wants to be the other.
When this desire ceases, the whole structure falls down.

I clearly advocate the awakening of the abused.
May they enter the Land of Disillusion,
May they farm their inner fields of energy,

And stop projecting the slimiest bits on the other side of the desk.

Wisely disillusioned
Beings of freedom
Quietly smiling

As people hustle to appear motivated.

©FJ April 2021
Groupe de Pratique

Merci à tous

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