Learning By Heart

The heart generates a magnetic field 400 times more powerful than the brain’s.
From my heart to your heart ( I shin den shin),
A master to disciple transmission, in Soto Zen tradition is more than a poetic metaphor for silent teaching.

It sounds like there is a very concrete dimension behind this ‘heart-to-heart’ expression,
An actively operating attunement.

Dojo-goers learn by heart, non metaphorically and bathe in the chant emanating from a magnetic beat.
Even though they’re not all aware of it, the Heart Sutra gives the silent tuning note.

From their common beat, rises a vibrating source, a profound resonance.

A pedal note,
The underneath, sustaining sitar sound.
In the same space, occurs what is going on in the same time,
What is going on in different areas is woven into one single space-fabric.

To receive the teaching from the Masters, there is no need to be sitting close to them
To receive the teaching from the Masters, one definitely has to sit close to them.

©FJ‌ ‌April 2021 (Texte et Photo)

Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all.

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