A Wide Wide Heart (4/4)

Not expecting anything,
Insight may arise.

She realized that
If she had been standing there,
dy to jump in feet first,
It was not her heart which had been targeted.

Then, her crumbled heart gathered its dismantled pieces together,
Popped its head out of the shell and gently stopped beating in shock waves.
Her body followed the conductor and slowly reorganised accordingly.
There was no point is adding her own suffering to the one oozing from the man’s saturated rib cage.

Understanding and listening are now simultaneously appearing, disconnected from the initial incident. This is what she regrets : no having been able to offer a heart wide enough to swallow the blades and melt them into silence.

She had engaged in the jolty processes of compulsive attacks.
The had played the game of the monster.

Today, ignorance is pierced.
The hope inside equanimity is the most powerful present that can ever be given

To others,
To ourselves.

Franck Joseph
©FJ May 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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Many thanks to all.

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