Through The Eyes Of God

Sister M., in one of the audio podcast I use while jogging, very quietly, says that
During our prayers, our moments of silent sitting, we should learn to “see with the eyes of God”.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most deeply Zen-imbued words I’ve been given to hear for a long time.
What are the elements we can call as such in this practice recommendation ?
Well, this invitation to experience God is at once radical and universal, and offers just the perfect blend of holy provocation. It seriously shakes the trinkets, ornaments and dusts off thick books waiting on the shelves.

‘Looking with the eyes of God’

How could such an experience be different from the invitation to exist from our True Nature, our Tathagatha Gharba, Our Buddha Nature, Our awakenened Being ?

It takes a the compassionate heart of Kannon to make us able to watch our inner events as they unfold and our pathetic little arms moving in every direction…and offer a loving smile.
And how deeply immersed in godly faith does one have to be, how rock-solid does one’s serenity have to be, to observe the world as it is, without making it an egotic playground.

This invitation by Sister M. is uttered simplest manner. It is showing everyone the possibility they have to widen their perspective, to broaden their horizon…actually, to be become so panoramic that it has stopped being us watching any more.

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