Faith in Human Beings

If I do not choose to have faith in the human being, life is only an acid apprehension.
It is unlivable.

By rotating the angle I use to consider other, so as to see
the beautiful, the fragile, the unexpected, I leave the realms of hostility.

In this kingdom, dwellers are forced to fight for their preservation in the midst of a daily life jammed with archers, hunters, knife throwers.

Crouched in the shadows, waiting for coming near to launch their weapons and pierce our flesh.

In these kingdoms, the sleep is scarce and light. The unbreathable air never really cools anyone down. It brings to nostrils a smell of conspiracy.

It is the dry landscape that uncoils for both sides of the scenario.
The one who plots and later implements it and the one who anticipates and experiences it.

Each part composes the song for the other to play, and resort to the same endless anxious scales.

Agreeing to this clan vision is the passport that grants access to these feverish places.

If I decide to loose this passport and never search for it again, if I do not renew my documents, then I see the faces – my face – emaciated and the eyes of conquest: the inflamed pupils or steel-cold looks.
I see the other trying to use me to fully reign– always temporarily.
I see myself playing pieces, on the chessboard of my nights, trembling for a way through…
Here, taking advantage of a distraction, there , skillfully swapping information that I have…

I see,above all, all those nights of absence, ravaged by the squall of thoughts.
The furrows of my nights stretch as far as eye can see,
the cold wind prevents the deposit of seeds from a sound sleep.

I plan and counter-plan. I endlessly affirm and reaffirm the existence of a being whose ignorance has condemned to despair.

To see this is to cleave the crust of ignorance and already breathe an air of beauty and joy.
It is to consider others with a welcoming look and see the world emerge.

The suffering it carries,
How not to be moved by it?

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