Who Else But God ?

Some self-centered profiles can only reach the lands of salvation
By making a detour through God,
God, in the exoteric understanding is saving souls from drowning in the swamps of self.
Resorting to the Spirit,
Crying out for help to the Spirit
Will bring such souls further.

If they persist in their self centered ways, their heart will dry out
And their legs will get bogged down in muddy ego soil.

You’ll hear their self satisfaction from a distance,
while they trudge and start sinking down.

©FJ Sept 2021
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  1. There are so many ways to reach the Infinite and the Absolute … Exterior and Interior are still only divisive perspectives. For my part, I have also seen many people lose themselves in the twists and turns of a kind of «half-realization». Cut themselves off from the sufferings they had to address, in order to remain in a consciousness that continues to place itself on the pedestal of a filled of coldness and judging observation. There is no « other », just the Self which is eternally reflected in the mirror of a mind which continues to tell stories to itself. Silence speaks louder than any speech… 🙏🏻

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