Apocalypse : “Who Are You ?”

It is not easy to accept that we going though times of concentrated apocalyptic content.
Those who have no interest in our noticing it, will use all possible leverage to make you believe that usual ignorance (normality) can come back.
First, they promise and end to tribulations, then comes the threat of putting you to a sure social and psychological death.

It might be worth drawing a parallel with the temptation of Christ in the desert : “Do this and it will all come back to normal”. (Matt. 4, 1-11)
Isolation, through guilt or by way of a distorting prism (giving the impression there is a monolithic word of harmony in which we are not included) is a another way of “tempting” once the promise of a return to normal has not worked as expected.

I feel, in a discontinuous manner, a certain gratitude towards this opportunity to test the wood of my heart.

©FJ Oct 2021
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