Sharp Links Along The Chain Of Suffering

Cutting-edge words, offensive gestures,
Send you back in this inner lockdown, in spite of you,
Back to the root of suffering, tightly oppressed by the narrowness of a relation
Which mirrors the manifestation of narrowness of words and behaviors from others.
This is what we often hear to explain this :

Those words and behaviors,
They belong to the other person.

See how they resonate tonight with a scent of truth.
The only thing that forces you to suffocate right now is your inner narrowness.

I can see you suffocating
One cutting-edge word after the other,
I can see you drowning as the ground tear-water level rises.
Yet, in reality, you are not doing anything else but following automated reactions.

These words are only a link along the chain, and your suffering is another.
Today, how could you be responsible for the links ahead of those gestures ?

If you want to, if you know how, you can put and end to this chain, break it right here,
By watching yourself not reacting, not providing material to give body to that suffering.
Deprived of support, it will not grow roots within your inner soil.

Can you observe opening spaces and the breezes escaping from appearing breaches
And pray for the persons who initially pronounced these words of violence,
So that they rise to that same path you are taking and, in their turn…

©FJ Oct 2021
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