Infernal Parasite

There was this invigorating contrast, which he felt as soon as the context of his life allowed a geographical distance to grow…
And the suffocation on the way back into these walls of darkness.

Then, without any related link and with a sudden gush, came to him the following understanding: this blood-sucking claws, as soon as they penetrated the skin, acted like an evil exo-structure.

As a low-key and evolved parasite, we could not clearly feel its action when it fits under our skin. Its anesthetizing trump managed to inhibit any aggressive reaction as it stung. It could thus more efficiently suck up all vital fluid, leaving beings permanently disoriented to its evil delight.

The entity was made of stones, bricks and cement, its electric veins were sheathed with rubber cables, and its fabrics were sprayed with heady paints and its floors covered with silky carpets.

His flesh came out wilted and, if the valves of his heart throbbed liked crazy, it was on his body of energy that the monster acted.
His large organism curled up under the action of the fatal monster, inexorably, ,imperceptibly.

He couldn’t leave it
He couldn’t stay there.

He had to consider a solution to leave it slowly, stealthily.
Run away and stay,
To deceive in turn the anesthetic stings and stay there differently, stronger,
more cunning than the beast.

Would he have the strength, the will, the courage to do so ?
Isn’t the work of the infernal parasite already too advanced ?

©FJ Oct 2021
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