A Comfortable Practice

Can you perceive your strong attachment to thoughts ?
It is difficult to observe, for it is hard to confess, actually.

You come here, to this place of practice to sit and get through the thought-patterns that drown you.
But you have to admit to yourself that despite the books, speeches, attitudes,
despite the fact that you come back again and again, and proclaim the power of practice…
You can’t do it. Practice does not happen.

Then, discover that the only reason for this stagnation comes from you: you don’t want it. Despite everything you claim and believe: you don’t want to practice.
You hold on to these thoughts, the sweet ones, dreamy ones, the fantasies as well as the dark and anxious ones.

You hold on to these thoughts. And these thoughts hold you.

Clinging to their scaffolding, consolidated, hardened around their armatures, you’re grasping. That’s how you stand. This is what you learned to love. Admit it.
This in-between of cruising practice suits you well.
You appear different among your social groups and assert yourself accordingly.
The tone of your voice, your tastes, clothes, food habits and acquaintances…
But you are not taking any risk. How can this be a quest ?

You keep comfortably floating on your practice buoy, carried along the flow of your thoughts,
cradled by the swell or shaken by the winds : it doesn’t change much.
Can you see this and investigate further ?

©FJ Dec 2021
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