Night Sand

The limitations of your mind are the bricks against which you keep banging,
without necessarily knowing it,
Bricks that will eventually crumble down.
Walls and floors alike block your perspective. The lanscape remains inaccessible in the fullness of its range. Warm colors, deep waters awaiting below the ground, where swimmers are longing in circle.
You can see their bubbles already
Fizzling their way up along the orangy fauna
Telling about a motionless serenity.

Every wall that you walk along,
Is made of bricks, keep scratching,
Keep making them crumble down into sand,
You have been scratching the walls for so much time now.

The end of limitations is an inner experience.
It creates the conditions of your new life.
Nobody can crack the walls, split the narrowness of your worlds for you.
These colors have been depicted for you a million times,
And you know it all about the stories of swimmers around shiny coral before this very night,

Now, what was it in comparison to your interior partitions once they start dissolving ?
What could it have been but the call from your being to be born ?

©FJ Jan 2022
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