Losing Control

When a project comes into being,
Believing that we hold all the cards so as to secure the process of unfolding of events, can be a severe misconception.
Surprisingly, the illusion of control is a powerful inhibitor of action.

This belief according to which we can control by planning steps along a project, by anticipating le least bump on the way to success is an expression of self-confidence.

It reveals our degree of onfidence in the self.
By essence, it is always tottering and dictated by context.
It fluctuates, and the control that we thing we are exerting in our own mind quickly crumbles.

What follows is a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable, which freezes us in fear ot forces us to completely turn this figure upside down :
It is the context which we encounter that determines, in every situation, our ability for adaptation, our creativity.
In reality, there has never been such a thing as control,
The situation has never been in our hands,
Therefore, we can never lose control.

What is left to do, on our end, is start and enjoy surfing reality, expressinig inner creativity
listening to the call of events, allowing the dialogue between the world and ourselves to take place.

All big battle plans ahead of our projects are not deprived of interest but they hold a potential to generate very powerful attachment and identification mechanisms.
By letting go of the grasp on the unfurling of events, we dance with life and create choreography as we move in and out of balance, as the music plays.

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2 commentaires

  1. Riding the wave is all anyone can do in terms of dealing with events. But in relation to one thing, perhaps, we do have control. The decision to sit back and watch

    The only control we have actively is allied to that observation. I tend to liken it to throwing a stone in the water and watching how the ripples expand. Whether to act may be a matter of choice. Results are only observable, not controllable.

    That, actually, is a very good thing. As I a fond of saying, certainty is over-rated.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. This made me smile…I love this Simon.

      « Certainty is over rated. »

      I love saying that ‘one has to be very naive to only believe what they see.’

      I’m too tired this morning to check whether there actually is a connection with what you said.
      Thanks for commenting here Simon
      And sharing this Huang Po-like insight.
      I love this saying of yours the same way I love his cues.


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