Attachment to Non-Attachment : Case Study

At any time, in every tradition, land-clearing practitioners, spiritual adventurers have had their donators, benefactors, helpers along the way, bringing them support, one way or another : an open door, a meal, a roof, coins…
This support has allowed to offer the conditions for a concrete actualization, a tangible blossoming of their inner practice.

On the practitioner’s end cultivates a form of non-attachment to the nature of this support.
A common misconception would be for him to eventually get attached to the absence of support, under the pretext of a fantasized autonomy or pretended incorruptibility, triggering the very process of identification they were trying to stay away from.
Let’s remain free to accept a helping hand.

FJ March 2022
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  1. What concerns me far more, to be brutally honest, is those who claim support out of their pretense of spirituality; of being deserving because of their self proclaimed importance and their misrepresentation of what they claim to be their deity’s will.
    Pardon my anger. I make no attempt to hide it. But it is not aimed at you. There is an oppression and an injustice that affects many who are tricked into being willing subjects.
    The preacher may grow fat on his collection plate. But he will starve in so many ways.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. I have had a message to say my comment has been accidentally deleted rather than approved and inviting me to post again.

    I am gratified that I am not the only person who experiences such issues with clicking the wrong button!!! It has tickled my sense of humour.

    I do not have the precise wording of the original.

    The point I sought to make, with what I termed « brutal honesty » was my intolerance of those who use their status to claim the support of their followers. I believe I referred to « preachers who grow fat on their collection plates » or something similar. I recall commenting that they starve in other ways. Indeed, in more important ways.

    I should point out that none of these comments were aimed at Franck, as I made clear in the original post.

    And that is about the best I can do in re-posting this comment. To try to reconstruct it further would be to risk saying something not quite the same.


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