Karma and Illusions (note)

Deshimaru, in his commentary of Shodoka : “Because of our karma and our illusions, we each have a different perspective on everything that surrounds us”.

This is essential information to explain the uselessness of trying to know Reality through a superimposition of filters coming from our fields of actions, words and thoughts, those which have been grown inside ourselves for a long time.
Deshimaru invites us to des-illusion, de-karmify our experience of Reality.
Zazen can do this.

Zazen can do this, even though we will try not to let it happen.
Consciousness is trapped in a network of words but, in essence, consciousness is flowing.
It is possible that, as a result of a body movement, consciousness pierces through and becomes one with the reality of Being.

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Many thanks to all.
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  1. Certainly, Karma is on of the most misused terms I heard.
    Especially in the « new age » fields…

    Not claiming any definite understanding for this word, I may also happen to misuse it myself
    It is both too complicated to ever be grasped, unless one is a fully realized Buddha…(lots of work here, on my end /)
    and extremely easy to understand when read as ‘ actions’.
    Actions and consequences are not different, each term is contained in the other.
    This is truly fascinating.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. All actions have consequences. Most consequences are actions. That one should view consequences and accept one’s own part in that, I agree. The acceptance, also, is an action. With consequences.

    Perhaps « karma », if it has a meaning to which I might relate, is that web of interaction.

    Perhaps not…


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