Seeing The Karmic Building Collapse

In Buddhism, the concept most prone to misunderstanding is that of emptiness.
« Reality is not. What we see does not exist. »

This is what often makes the Buddha’s disciples appear as nihilists.

« Reality is not. » Let’s consider this statement in the light that Deshimaru offers on the occasion of his commentary on the Shodoka and let’s twirl this sentence between our fingers:

« Reality is not »
« Reality is no more this than this »
« Our Karma shapes our relationship with reality and will make orient it in our eyes to appear more like this way or that way. »

©FJ March 2022
Many thanks to all.

All of our habits of action, words, thoughts develop the architecture of our building.

Like the building, the space within its walls, our karmic building encapsulates the « empty » space of reality. The air, the land around which Mr. Joseph’s house is built, does not actually become a Josephian air or a Josephian land.
Yet, I call them « my « house, « my” land…

When my body’s house falls to dust in a few decades, air and earth will not become air and earth again, but will be what they have always been.

A practical perspective could make reality take a cautious look at what we do with it, but this would be the same perception bias – precisely the source of the problem: an act of perception, a vision of the world drawn by the karmic particularities of my being.

In Hamlet’s mouth, Shakespeare, for whom Buddhism was as much a reality as wastewater management in sixteenth-century England is a reality for modern man, said in his time:
« Nothing is good or bad in itself, but thinking makes it so« .

This is already a tremendous crack in the foundations of our building.
Zen adds to this some tectonic moves and precipitates the collapse by bringing to the lips, with a playful smile, the following elements: « Air and space have no reality. They are no more this than that. »

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