Buddha Key

We all know – and maybe we are secretly one of them – people who seem completely unsettled at the slightest prospect.
If this anguished reading of the world seems absurd to those who walk through the episodes of existence in a light pace, it is because this reading is subjective: the reader carries within him the experience of reading.
I find at this point that life-anxious readers have a much higher degree of attachment to the outcomes of events than their joyous counterparts – the latter often completely disregard the course of a particular event.

This attachment outcomes is linked to a vivid awareness of the ego: the stake of the event is too important to allow a perspective on the playfulness of life in the participants (generator of evolution, of deepening of consciousness.)
Their ultimate experience of being in the world is at stake and any unfavorable outcome with regard to their expectations would equate to an annihilation of their psychic structure.

Can we then see the skillfulness of the Buddha’s approach: by focusing on attachment, as the source of all suffering, he takes us to the heart of the problem and offers the key to transformation.

We should not underestimate the transforming power brought by an astonished observation of the years of anguish spent going through our daily events and coloring them with apprehensiveness.

This practice leads a sensitive soul to feel its inner mechanisms and, dropped somewhere on the floor of the noisy machinery room, to find this same key.

©FJ March 2022
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Many thanks to all.

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