Run Away !

Run away before this ever happens to you.

The problem that many people encounter in the so-called ‘professional’ slice of their lives, is the normalized narrowness of the frame.
However, no one seems to be aware of this narrowness: this reveals the extent to which this has been normalized.

The absence of consciousness normalizes phenomena.

On the contrary, everyone seems surprised that we do not match the corners of the map that we are handed with the terrain of our fulfillment.

It is possible, both on the intellectual and experiential levels to include, to embrace this smallness in the breadth of our being.

But when the psychological area that it requires and ends up colonizing, covers most of our lives…Eventually, only the narrowness remains and bursts us into tears.

The professional world conveys this confusion between the importance of colonized space and the narrowness of the fields of development.

We are living as if an assailant took over our land and, on the next day, passed a law forcing us to scratch the ground in front of us with a stick all day.

We’ll have to comply with it in order to continue to live on this land.

In a second step, people would begin to develop strategies to optimize the scraping of earth with a stick. We would divide the learning of children into « stick handling course », « scratch techniques course » and « dirt management course ».

Only the most stubborn and limited would reach the end of this course and create the structures to produce ready-to scrape soil and fully customized sticks that no one would really know what to with but which all would have been trained to wish.

Over time, there would be no one left to desire anything more than a bit of dirt to scratch, no one to talk about the stupidity of spending one’s life in such a ridiculous activity, no one to defend the possible presence of a such person.

Omnipresence of foolishness would become the norm and the narrowness of this activity would occupy the whole field of our being, we even would call it “space” (or even worse : open space)

Run away before this ever happens to you.
Because, caught in these sands, you only realize your inability to move once it is effective.

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©FJ March 2022
Many thanks to all

13 commentaires

  1. Back to work today after several days of leave. The banality is… as unfathomable and vacuous as the mind of a manager.
    Run away? One day… Until then, the only hope is to accept the pointlessness and find meaning elsewhere – which means anywhere and everywhere bureaucracy does not reach.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. is there such a place.
      Bureaucracy is pervasive.
      it goes anywhere the perverted mind of frustrated process designers and former teacher’s pets can imagine.

      Hell, the way I see it, must be a place decorated as an office during the day and a night club …well, at night.
      leading its residents from one attitude to another…
      oh, and in meantime it has to shape into a shopping mall, reaching therefore the most refined status for an infernal place.

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      1. Sit on a rock at some coastal clifftop or wild beach and watch the waves; listen to the wind; hear the cry of a lonely bird and feel the air as the cloud weaves its patterns of shadow.

        Bureaucracy does not control this, though it would wish to do so.

        And, as the spirit of all that is wild cries in your soul, so you, also, are uncontrolled.

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      2. For ever out of reach.
        because mind can never get a grip on non mind.
        And bureaucracy is a pure product of mind — At least, as pure as a product of mind can get.


      3. bouncing back on your examples of freedom,
        If I were a bit pessimistic, I’d say : monitoring cameras, brainwaves jammed through development of 5G Antennas …are attempts (not necessarily unsuccessful) at ‘bureaucratising’ formerly unattainable realms.
        Algorithm is the contemporary face of bureaucratisation.
        mind control is another one.
        These last two years of unbridled mass manipulation provide the ground to state this is not 100% pure conspirationist speculations.

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      4. There are places with no mobile signal, even today. And the wind, rain and sunlight remains wild, even in the midst of a city.
        As to mind not gripping « non-mind », perception does not « grip ». It perceives. How to let go of restless thought is a personal rather than organisational problem.
        I « think »…!!!

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      5. The unskilled, untrained mind is manifest in its attempt at grasping what it perceives.
        I do agree with you though, attempt at gripping is not/can never be actual gripping,
        Hence endless frustration.

        Shinjin datsuraku.
        Ultimate answer?

        Aimé par 1 personne

      6. In France, Lockdown #1 has proven to be the blossoming season for 5g antennas.
        They are literally everywhere.
        This is –literally?– mind blowing.


      7. Same thing for me.
        They look different and are often hidden.
        It may require eye training.


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