Sudden Disintegration

The practice of meditation is utterly thorough.
It contains both everything we want to see happen
and everything we don’t want to see happen.
Everything that does not remain when these two terms cancel each other out.

That is to say that under the trap door of the body of practice, is the occult and the metaphysical, the powers and the marvelous forms, but also the dark crevices where fears resonate without end, where locked up beings howl their anxieties in our ears.

Finally the disappearance of all that.

This body, sitting on a cushion,
The softness of the evening, the fresh morning wind,
The rib cage that coming and going.

The evolution of the practitioner towards a simple and contemplative life marks the testifies the passage through inner worlds.

Conversely, wordy bubble talks, pseudo-technical discourses, the fascinations and fixations on phantasmagorical landscapes along the path vouch for a momentarily stagnant status of an ongoing process.
Hence the verbiage, hence the gesticulations.

©FJ April 2022
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Many thanks to all

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