Bass Up To 5 A.M.

Rather than speaking of identification with or against psychological phenomena (namely, blaring sounds repetitively hitting eardrums throughout the night), as the source of endless suffering for the individual, it would be more appropriate to speak of positioning in relation to an interior phenomena (inner resonance / psychological or emotional, wave, current of energy ). Obviously, if what I identify with moves away, I will suffer.
But an even more vigorous suffering awaits me if I position myself in opposition to an inner phenomenon.

Through this poorly-deconditioned reflex, I will throw stones into the mind stream and cause, as a result of this damming, a disproportionate overflow of what would have initially died out, had I pierced through the mechanical nature of resonance.

The original phenomenon, the trigger of this resonance mechanism is a completely subject. In reality, it is just as it is.
Its thorough dissection does not really matter, eventually.

©FJ April 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

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