Food As A Practice

I am surprised this evening to notice how eating is the ideal opportunity to practice of sectarianism. Conversely, it is the perfect place for fair, reasonable practice,
to practice fairness and balance.

Food is also the first vector for ideology, since it serves every living being, by definition, and the ideologist whose essence is the expansionist intention, finds in our plates a well-traced channel.

Food also allows the development of equanimity, as practiced by a Zen monk when receiving what villagers and local people he meets are willing to give him.
We can practice equanimity in the exact same way everytime we eat.

At the very heart of ethics, of non-violence,
Practice welcoming, fluidity, opportunity.
Go in the direction of things moving around us.
Do not obstruct Reality,
Do not grab the opportunity to position oneself,
Practice relying on a scope broader than our common understanding of a situation.

©FJ April 2022
Groupe de Pratique

Many thanks to all

4 commentaires

  1. I think you may be saying that mealtimes can be used for spiritual blackmail and pressure.
    They can.
    « Conferences » in certain Christian sects, have, as an inherent element, a polite bourgeois afternoon meal where everyone says and does exactly what is expected of them.
    No cake, however well baked, is worth that.
    Eating alone is the ultimate act of rebellion. Maybe, of heresy…

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    1. We don’t need to hang around in such circles to do and say exactly what is expected of ourselves.
      An everyday corporate environment provides just the perfect context.
      Or the school system, or families…
      Haven’t we been taught to do so from day one?

      Sometimes, acting rebellious is what is expected from us…in which case rebellion and group security overlap.
      One of these has to be fake. Maybe both.

      Also, we should note that every decent system (school.corporations, families, spiritual communities…)has to integrate within itself an expression mode for energies refusing this system.

      Being sure we are not tapped in such a sub-system can be quite a challenge.
      This sub system provides a niche for halfhearted rebels.

      These days, it looks like an opportunity to prove who’s who is coming, doesn’t it ?
      In any case, loneliness/solitude is a safeguard for much off these delusions.

      I’m thinking of Hamlet here, early first Act, when answering his treacherous mother(no glory, passage read this morning fro daughter’s homework ..)

      « Seems, Madam? Nay,it is. I know not  » seems »

      Raising the question to known whether not ‘knowing seems’ , refusal for compromising with the truth (which some would call adulthood), leads to madness.
      ..or if (faked?)/madness is the ultimate protection against counterfeiting life.


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      1. There is a reason I have not lasted well in practically all groups of which I have been a part – hypocrisy of conformity. You are correct this exists way beyond religious circles. It is too easy to sell one’s integrity – insofar as that equates to one’s soul – for a plaudits. Or for an easy ride.

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