Which Matrix Are We Talking About ?

It is impossible to understand anything to the world we live in today
As long as we ignore this principle :

-Announcing the future is creating the future.

It is all about mind programming.

Hacking into the present
To hijack the future.

Media, politicians, relaying figures from the entertainment industry,
Professionals of diverted, misguided attention,

By constraint, corruption, conviction, stupidity or out of ignorance,

Broke into the engine room and work frantically
To insert lines of code in reality’s software.

This may sound worrying.
It seemed terrifying to me, I admit.

I don’t worry anymore.
For I know that The Ahead of everything is inaccessible to them.
They cannot receive clearance
To enter the authentic engine room

This is where we must reside.

©FJ May 2022

2 commentaires

    1. yes, a very powerful statement indeed.
      Making us forget the basic constitution of our inner structures may also be part of a more or less intended plan to reach full mental enslavement (along with identity dismantling).
      But our forgetting of deeper layers does mean the destruction of those.
      Just a matter of contact loss.

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