As Long As You Hang In There (Quote)

As long as you remain the plaything of everything keeping you in a suffering zone (your addiction to the superficial areas of your being), you will suffer.

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  1. The deeper understanding, I sometimes think, waits patiently for the layers of so-called reality to fall away. Maybe, it smiles at the folly of that which it sees on the surface. The « fight » that is almost a cartoon of a civil war.

    Hmm… How does that figure in your layers of consciousness…?

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    1. The face of God
      Moses’ Bush
      The Dharma
      The One
      Buddha Nature
      Source of Being

      Depending on where one stands along the dual/nondual continuum

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  2. I find I stand in uncertainty.
    God’s face is in every face, in every bush, in every word and nature.
    And is nowhere.
    What spark may lie within me is all I can be. All that can be. If anything (or whatever, for that matter) is.
    So, I do not know what I am. At least, not with this mind, this understanding.
    I suspect that, somewhere, I am laughing at myself.

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