Blown Away

It wasn’t really me, was it ?
What can I do if the emergence process has been initiated ?

And along with it, the explosion into a myriad debris of the world’s trivialities ?
Sadness is forgotten.
Sadness is on its way to being forgotten.

Sadness of the verses, my verses, lost in the spirals of materialism.
Sadness of hearing the worlds of suffering created by the intertwining of ridiculous remarks.

This way to be sitting with so much joy,
This way that others seem not to want.
This joy that they don’t know they don’t want.

Do not believe that thousands of texts have passed through me and leave me unscathed.
These texts have blown everything away,
The Breath of the Emergence has carried along,
is carrying along

Until eventually there’s nothing left.

As long as the creative investigation has not completed its work, the texts find their way between my inner river beds.
When the letters finally pass without hanging on to a memory, an experience, a belief, a suffering, it means that joy has set in.

The joy of having nothing to write other than joy.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique

Merci à tous

6 commentaires

  1. Forgotten?

    I doubt it.

    Joy does not exist, nor sadness, save each in the other’s memory.

    So, you emerge – from what? Into what?

    From the constraints of this life into the boundlessness of that life?

    From there you will see the sadness. And see yourself smile.

    Now, I just have to work out whence those thoughts… emerged? And whether they make sense.

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    1. emerge
      I love this word, for I can hear « mer »(sea) in it.
      ‘Emerge’ is to surface.
      the word in French sounds in itself as an autonomous line.
      E-MER-J’AI : Out of the seas, I have arisen.

      I’d say emerge from an ocean of ignorance-induced lockdown in suffering mechanisms,
      to a beach where breathing has been made possible.

      Spiritual expression of biological evolution of species, re-played inside each along existence ?

      Could we agree that on such a beach understanding the nuts and bolts has become superfluous ?
      Has lost relevance ?

      ( I loved it when you said : ‘So, …you… »emerge »…’ : gave me an impression of sitting as a defendant in a law court (heresy suit, of course…) when the prosecutor stands and slowly walks up to me, each of his steps echoing as they hit on the wooden floor of the room.

      For a few seconds he then pretends to read for himself the verbatim record of the investigation and, as he takes his glasses off and looks at me, he repeats aloud :
      -« So, ….you….’emerged’…Is that correct ? Can you be more precise as to where this…’emergence ‘ of yours has brought you ?

      After a few minutes of sweating and stuttering, the prosecutor would turn around, without a single look and say : no more question, your Honor. )

      Or something like that.

      Aimé par 2 personnes

  2. I would never prosecute a heretic. It would be against my sense of lawlessness.

    Understanding is irrelevant once one is satisfied with « what is », I suppose, or has moved past caring. After all, « what is » may be remarkably unclear.

    However, it may be that ignorance, in the esoteric/spiritual sense, has no meaning when one has tasted freedom. Perhaps having left aside the need to analyse oneself into oblivion. There are better methods to obtain « no thing ».

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    1. Cf. pyscho-analysis
      Cf. tendency to over dissect any germ of mental energy in certain Buddhist branches.
      Or the obsessional focus we give to our emotional coming and going…
      Sometimes , this makes me think of self proclaimed Ocean experts spending their days sniffing at dried up scum along the beach and forecasting theories on underwater realities.
      No matter how well-phrased these may be or how flamboyant their personalities may appear to some,
      their ramblings are absolutely worthless.
      (this may (or may not) as well include the content of this blog)

      Have a ‘graceful’ Sunday, Simon.

      Aimé par 1 personne

    1. I’ve never heard of him.
      ‘Bizarre and not to be taken seriously’ sounds like home to me.

      There are no times more serious than the ones we claim are not to be taken seriously.

      I’ll do some research. Thanks Simon.


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