The Meditator and the Conspiracy Theorist

The one who is often called, out of lexical weakness and intellectual laziness, a « conspiracy theorist”, is generally a fairly good client for spiritual practice.

Indeed, its main layout, which society likes to call conspiracy, consists of a micro-rotation of the vision angle. From then on, the world perception is modified : the codes and analysis grids which had constituted the main module for apprehending the world, suddenly cancel each other out.

Spiritual practice, meditation, consists, at least in initial degrees, in allowing the conditions for the establishment of a similar uncoupling, unhooking from a train of world experiences launched at full speed.

Meditation allows you to insert chicanes, slowdowns, among the endless straightness of rails.

These can then reveal all the artificiality of the landscapes perceived from the train and invite you to leave it.

It should be noted here that the particularity of the one who is called conspiracy theorist, who should be called “truth seeker”, “reality investigator”, is in reality another platform, rather similar to the one he’s left, though harder to perceive as artificial as the latter.
He barely substitutes another module, extracted from of the same basic software : a conception resulting from the mind, an intellectual application, quite often struck with a tropism, as attractive as it is simplistic (or attractive because it is simplistic).

He thereby becomes the victim of yet another illusion bubble, just as circular and feeding on itself as the one he evolved in until then.

I am perfectly aware that this profiling of conspiracy theorists is itself not exempt from simplicism biases.
What spiritual practice can offer to truth seekers is a click, an additional jump,
an unexpected round in the of pinball machine, allowing the ball struck a first time and guided in a second floor of tracks, to slide out of plastic box.

The serenity that arises in him from then on will lead him to a path of silence and compassion.
The feverishness of widespread distrust will gradually die out.
The spiritual practitioner can see the true conspirators as a being somehow painfully lost along the way. With a smile, he can hope for the ultimate kick out of the pinball.

Institutional religions can intervene here as an additional obstacle. They will only reinforce the fundamental tensions within genuine seekers of reality.
An abrupt, radical and uncompromising practice such as Zen, not that of the sullen dojos but the simple sitting of the naked man, will be able lead them from sphere to sphere, towards paths of tranquility where all the questions addressed just stop being of any interest.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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