Existence Levels

(Foreword:The separation of post-mortem scenarios is artificial.
An open and attentive look allows us to see in these different perspectives the facets of the same reality. They are only factors of division because of a clumsy identification by believers.
On the contrary, the investigation brings out all the potential union, all the openness that can result from it.)

I am considering this morning the possibility of a double truth: Metempsychosis and eternal life are not necessarily mutually exclusive, as a superficial look might tend to show.
These two deadlines can also be two superimposable realities and this in two ways:
They are two sides of the same truth. The soul transmigrates if it does not manage to find rest, eternal grace, in God.
Transmigration is then one of the possible options. This understanding becomes all the more possible when we extend the domains of transmigration beyond a strictly terrestrial framework.

There would then be a whole range of ‘purgatories’, of levels of existence with very numerous combinations, explaining the multiplicity of levels of existence within the same territory of transmigration.
They coexist synchronously: while the heart of Consciousness is already bathed in eternal grace. The whole being is being attuned and is manifesting in different realms to work towards it.
The completion of this process is the harmonization of being.
This last representation is to be compared to the experience by the meditation practitioner of the different levels of consciousness that reside in himself (or, in which he resides), to the observation of mental activity and deep consciousness.
The connection to That Which Knows in us.

Prayer, meditation, presence.

Anchoring to this is the meaning of the path.
Let it “grow”
May the Kingdom of God expand, His “kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”
The work of our great re-harmonization to Him, in Him, in ‘One Mind’*

*As expressed by Huang Po, 9th Century Zen Master

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

2 commentaires

  1. I have never thought metempsychosis and eternal life as inconsistent. At least, not with each other.

    Nor is there any logical basis to claim that they are consistent.

    My own thought is that time is meaningless. On that basis, we are already within the infinite and the unchanging.

    The realisation and experience of that is another matter. I have been discussing this elsewhere with another, but the discussion has become rather surreal. We’re now talking about being ferrets in the trouser legs of a cosmic octopus (or « omnipus » as I’ve now decided to call it). The question – is observation is within, or apart from, the realities contained in those trouser legs.

    But he and I have very different views on such ideas as post mortem survival anyway (though neither of us would, ultimately, support that term – he because he does not believe there is such survival, me because I do not believe there is a « mortem » to be « post ».

    I’ll leave you to play with such imagery, however.

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    1. The question to know whether the observer is part of the ‘omnipus’ or not does not have any clear answer.
      It is, to a certain extent part of it, while being external to it.
      I do not see the observer as a monolithic object, at least not ultimately, that we would or would not be aware of.
      Just like Gray, there would be fifty (thousands) shades of Observer, most of which as part of the observed material.
      (this is the place where I point a finger at the mind, creating fake observers as lures to satisfy (and momentarily quench) our thirst for truth — sorry, I did not commit to refusing to use this term.)
      I have no problem writing observer(s) at the plural form, nor to agree with a fluidity throughout the Observers Spectrum.

      Thanks for giving me material to ‘play’ with.

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