Attention Blade

Zazen can clean the blade of attention
From traces of life that have tainted it.

In the sheath of the Sitting,
The blade always comes out new and sharp.

Sometimes, in a few minutes, the sheath does its cleaning work.
Sometimes it takes an entire existence for the blade
To sink gently into the world strata.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

3 commentaires

    1. There are way too many words starting with a p in this last sentence.

      Alliteration aside, what would an un-developed perception be ?
      A deviated / un-routed spiritual potential, taking the form of everyday smartness via calculation, and strategy designing ?

      Developed or undeveloped, attention pierces.

      Also, a lack of attention may prove to be just as sharp when it pierces through hearts and tears souls apart.
      (stage direction : music fading in …)

      The quality of piercing is dependent on the object.

      Piercing, yes, but piercing what ?

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