Watch Where You Sit

Zen is pre-cultural.
The error of assessment committed by many neophytes – and unfortunately by many title holders is to associate Zen with Japanese culture, or with a fantasized Japanese culture, corresponding to an assembled representation of a certain historical era, mythologized in their eyes.

Moreover, if many dignitaries in the practice of Zen are unable to get out of this perceptual bias, it is because this misrepresentation is the cause of their status.
Acknowledging this process would lead to putting an end to the social status.

Valuing cultural aspects predisposes them to value the religious emanation of this culture. Over time appropriate the codes. In return, they find an image of themselves confirmed by this system which they value.
This culmination represents an additional hinder, a dense rock which stands between them and the beginning of the authentic path.

The ability to leave the pre-traced tracks of this path arises in those who have crossed the rock.
Sometimes one breath is enough.

To such a person, we can go and consume the branches of our past wanderings.

Zen is pre-cultural, not in a chronological but an ontological sense.
A Zen that cannot bloom within all cultures is not pre-cultural.

It is merely placing a putrefying stick inside a jar of glass, sitting around and watching in rot in awe.
In front of this piece of dead wood, gawkers prostrate and regurgitate.

Also, it must be emphasized that an authentic Zen blooming within a cultural context necessarily speaks of the power contained inside the bud, which is its pre-cultural nature.

The sap of this branch will successively burst all the glass, globes, and formol recipient with which it has been covered.
It will pierce through and sting the soft buttocks where comfortable prosternations still occur.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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    1. Hello Simon,
      I’m sorry but I don’t really understand your comment.
      Are you suggesting I have been attracted to the counter-cultural aspect of Zen due to a rebellious nature ?

      To this, I would answer that I needed space.
      incalculable, unfathomable space
      Zen offered this.

      Even in the spacious Zen, I have shown rebellious towards everything that is non-spacious.
      No doubt, this is attributable to a lack of inner space.

      (I’d like to add the following : Zen circles can be so tricky : to some, to me at some point, they give the impression that there are career opportunities to be found for spirituality professionals.
      I assume this is due to all shortcuts and elliptical material, as well as to the blunt shape this tradition sometimes present.
      Of course, all of this, as such, is erroneous….Zen is not free from all pitfalls other traditions have faced.
      the first of which is the perfect face it offers to escape artists.
      I climbed up some and all back down I fell.
      And again.
      And again.

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  1. I was thinking of a comment you made a while back. « Zen is for pirates in leaky boats ».

    On that basis, I was wondering if you had examined your motivations as being based in a desire to be something of a buccaneer.

    I do not know to what extent Zen has an orthodoxy (though your addendum is suggestive of there being), nor how far you hold to any such. Nor does it matter, unless it matters to you.

    I merely mused out loud, but asserted nothing. Up to you to decide whether there is « anything » in it, so to speak.


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    1. Of course there is a heavy Zen orthodoxy.
      This used to be a major subject of concern for me when I started this blog.
      Apart from a random surge of this buccaneer mind you have judiciously identified, it does not bother me anymore.
      I guess this is because I’ve grown less and less identified with whatever is called Zen by people getting together in weird costumes.
      I’m a lonesome buccaneer and this boat of mine is not polished nor clean enough to be a matter of interest for any passer-by, nor does it claim to reach any exotic harbour, nor fly any hype flag.

      Thanks for reminding me of this word -buccaneer, it reminded me of a time (way before I ever had any interest for just sitting), when I was fascinated by the History of pirates in the Caribbeans.
      It is also the name of a place near the beach in Southern France, where I used to go on holiday as a child, …I used to repeat it to myself and, without the faintest idea of what it could mean, I just loved the way it sounded and could smell the adventurous roll of distant waves just by uttering this name silently.

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