Conspiracy Rollers

After being carried by the hectic waves of conspiracy theories, as one of them leaves us soaked on a sandy bank, we must be able to discern the deep rolls that endlessly feed the waves in the distance.

They carry a noxious form of excitement. You have to be able to see it to get rid of it and protect yourself from the violence of the rollers.
It crackles with the same components as those that fuel gossip and rumors.

But their power of attraction is much greater in the case of conspiracy theses.
In both cases, whoever indulges in it, loses calm and serenity, that is the unfailing price to pay for sustained excitement.

Such a person would see it as the sacrifice of inner peace, which he would call naivety, virginity of perspective, in exchange for an honorable cause he can dedicate to, for others and himself.

The cause, in that person’s own words, is that of Truth,
Meaning nothing else but the colors and the forms that light takes when it emerges from the other side of his prism, the one he applies to reality.

This “edge”, this restless tension, is what he has become addicted to.
If all his rantings suddenly collapse and reveal that what is, is all there is to see, that no double bottom is to be discovered in the trunk of reality, he would suffer a psychological collapse.

Conspiracy is also the perfect outlet for anxious profiles, unable to let go.
Through an ambivalent positioning, they seek both simplicity (offered by explanations of unique culprits – which has the advantage of pretending to unravel the tissues of the causes of reality), and complexity (the twists and turns they can give to events to allow them to fit into the template, the stencil of their world vision.)

Once again, we should note here that the accusation of conspiracy is often a generic trick to discredit a healthy and justified suspicion.
Let us mention,here again, all the perversity revealed the use of this term when a real meeting of conspirators is held and uses the word « conspirators » to accuse those who are concerned and genuinely investigate.

Finally, as a consequence, we should remind ourselves that it is not because something corresponds to a conspiracy theorist grid that it must necessarily be ruled out.

Suspicion, as a democratic ingredient present in the movements of the people, obliges institutions and representatives to transparency.
Ideally, the suspicion is deflated by the concordance of speeches and facts.
When the latter is not present, conspiracy waves appear.

Most often, between raising suspicions and flattening of doubts, squeezes in an effort of communication (propaganda / political marketing) or, its (even more) infantilizing counterpart, “pedagogy”.

Communication is more and more debilitating and the suspicious reactions, more and more chaotic and bewildering.

On the level of spiritual practice, the very state of suspicion traps the practitioner in an inner climate, further tightening the chains enslaving him to the mundane (sociopolitical) context.
Stuck in this stratum, his practice dries up.
His positioning is one of a political opposition party to the majority, prisoner of his character, he crouches and wait for the action of his institutional counterpart in order to be able to feed the suspicion machine with of suspicion.

The field of action yet, is not on this level.
The conspiratorial perspective may prove to stick to reality. Then, it is on the suffering of others, those who may not have walked along the path, that it will be necessary to focus.

In that, there is no difference.
The priority for the conspiracy theorist is the persistence in reading reality in conformity with his pre-conceptions.
The priority for the spiritual pilgrim is the awakening of his fellow humans, of all his fellow beings. He works at the inner pivoting.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

3 commentaires

  1. We all are spirits on a pilgrimage, regardless of one’s view of the meaning of spirit, insofar as we all travel from birth to death.

    Many prefer not to think about it…

    As to conspiracist thought, it seems to me that there are those who believe in the face of evidence. There are also those who re-define evidence to quash the challenge of rational suspicion.

    This strikes me as a modern version of tribalism (though I hope I do not insult any tribes in saying that). People join a belief for a sense of power, belonging, superiority even.

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    1. This last sentence may as well appear as a perfect definition of conventional, consensual thinking.

      I do not know why I feel this compelling urge to add this.
      It is likely those two years and a half of hardcore psy-op on general population have sharpened the conspiracy theorist in me.

      Aimé par 1 personne

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