Like An Old Musician

I am thinking here, among other things, of the jazz musicians I used to admire to vividly in my youth, as they were the source of so many questions about instrumental practice, harmony investigations and personal frustration, confronted with abounding bursts of genius.
And I wonder if the specialists, shining in the eyes of the world, are not often themselves trapped in their own slice of reality.

They end up knowing every nook and cranny of it and thus earn your stripes of experts – by the fortuitous deepening that results from their own obsession, they undeniably bring to the world. Society, by the status it grants them, the way they are welcomed, contributes to extinguishing in these people all inclinations to jump off the slice of reality they occupy, to embrace a broader experience, in regard to which their area of ​​expertise will be perceived as a passing obsession.

For their part, they participate in the compulsive aspiration of mastering a slice of reality.
For that reason, today I love older artists, older musicians, those whom life took care of moving away from their narrowed spheres – the velocity, the technical flamboyance…

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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    1. The ‘art of the matter’ here is beyond both art and matter.
      Transgression can be about yelling a need for breathing space or merely a nauseous circle of self assertion, an egotic loop.
      Art can also be about reflecting peace.
      Sounds simple-minded, doesn’t it?
      I would have laughed at this 20years ago.

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