“Doing Gassho” should be simplified to “Gassho”, because, in reality, we do not do anything. “Doing Sanpai” thus becomes “Sanpai”.

Not doing is then all you can do.
Bowing down to everything you don’t understand,
What you can’t understand, everything you can’t do anything about.

Bowing down, to allow all of this not to suffer the outrage of our quest for understanding, for grasping at reality.

Bowing is then making an offering of our non-action to the world
No longer being the one who wants to act is the greatest gift you can offer the world,
the only way to take part in it, by not “taking”.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. It is not ‘I’ who validated this comment someone is now responding to.
    What on earth (and beyond) is animating those fingers along the keyboard ?
    Whose eyes will be reading ?


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