See Death

It is because people are not able to look Reality in the eyes, that they identify so much with surface elements.
Doing so, they cut themselves off from their deeper being and evolve only in the thin superficial layer of existence :

-Television, housewife programs and other supply of behavioral kits (whose point is to provide situation to position oneself in relation to fictitious situations emanating for fictitious characters)

-But also the color of the walls, the decoration of the rooms, the consumerist dynamics in its domestic aspect, the concrete filling of living spaces (in reality, contemporary decorative obsessions are the spatial form taken by behavioral kits)

-Again, the belief in an external realization, in an exogenous arrangement of the world in our favor and through our action, professional aspirations, permeability to “corporate” speeches,
‘spiritualish’ deceptions (personal development)

Looking Death in the eyes : what does it mean ?

Certainly not a depressive tendency, an atavistic survival of a resigned ‘what’s-the-point attitude, nor an adolescent stance of defiance marked by arrogance and ignorance.

Look death in the face : live fully, crack open the crust of existence,
Too long, it hast been lustered with psychological sweets from media, political, social, cultural factories.

In fact: looking death in the face and living in the moment means the same thing,
One allows the other. You have to look death in the face to really live in the moment.
By inhabiting the moment, the very essence of life appears.

When it appears, the essence of life makes it possible to see death in the face.
Because it is the very essence of life, the face-to-face experience of death is neither a depressive vision nor brazen defiance.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. Taisen Deshimaru often said (relayed / repeated) that disciple of the Way should ‘sit in their coffin ».
    Abrupt and efficient.
    Such a lovely practice for gentle vampires.
    I often meditate of how life would (is going to ) be, once I’m removed from the scene.
    People, kids, colleagues, everything continuing without me.
    It is very appeasing, strangely.
    The idea that we are not as necessary as we may think we are.

    Another striking perspective occurs once we add the possibility that there is not such a thing as a world that would keep going without me.
    The world is created by my consciousness and vanished with it.

    This makes me think this quote by Old Albert E.
    « I like to think the moon is there even if I am not looking at it. »

    Or this one, by Thich Nhat Hanh :
    ‘If you believe the tree is still there once you’ve turned your back,
    I recommend you take a closer look at it.’

    I’m heading back to the coffin.
    (one way or another)

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