Happy Pebbles In The Water

These writings are not intended to teach the world from some place of groundless pretension.
These are notes to myself, taken in snap, in the urgency of the lighting wave that, sometimes, arises.

When sitting practice listens to the cracks and rifts of my soul and allows a glimpse at the magma.
Words for later, if I ever happen to forget it all, words to remember.

If these pieces of maps picked up along the way, by instinct, in the heat of life practice, can help put someone as lost as me back on the path, this is a desirable side effect.

A happy ricochet, a refreshing splash.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. I do, actually : there are collections of texts, which, out of a lack of humility, I may be led to name ‘books’.
    Coherence does not matter…Actually, I ‘ve realised coherence is more than often a posteriori construction to credibilize things from the past.
    In itself, I’m not convinced there is such a thing as ‘coherence’.
    At least, not within human’s reach.

    plus, coherence is quite boring if you ask me.

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