Practice is One (audio)

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Sitting session notes recorded from the middle of the forest, owing to an impromptu afternoon walk…

I was speaking thus to myself: “As long as you are still make an effort to defend a practice territory to justifying a certain land of practice, there has been no entry into the unique practice, the Practice-One.

Each territory of practice is a locker room, an antechamber…at best.
It may also be better not to even waste time getting into the gym.
To enter this place, would mean to gymnasium is to go into marked practice.

Yet the practice is without beacon. Practice is one.
And, whatever the practices, if they do not lead to this direct approach, then however spiritual they may be called, however religious and conducive to ‘awakening’, whatever the labels with which they are decked out with, they are only related to noise, in the same way as any element resulting from the noise-block.

©FJ September 2022
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    1. Ah SImon, you’re taking all the words right out of my pen.
      What’s left to write now ?
      What’s left to do ?
      I know…enter practice, without the buffer of words.

      Both worded and unon-worded practice ca coexist, though, one being a viewed as a distant echo of the other.

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